Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I really love dresses + Selena Gomez always looks beautiful in them they look amazing on her!

I really love Selena's cockail dress. The dress it plain and the sleeves give the dress some edge so it isn't too much. Her shoes are beautiful! They are heels with a ribbon-tie + they remind me of ballet pumps.♥♥

I also love her ruffle dress. The ruffle makes the dress look very girly and the dress is a pale pink colour which i think really suits her. The shoes look a very similar colour to the dress so they match. Peep toe shoes look look great with anything and can be worn with anything to give the look a casual appearance.♥♥

Rhianna's dress it absolutely stunning. She looks gorgeous she really does look amazing. The back looks the pattern is very feminine and her diamond earrings give it a sparkle. Her hair also looks stunning like this.♥♥


  1. The first dress Selena Gomez is wearing is gorgeous, I've been looking for one like that for evenings out on holiday. So pretty :)

  2. i love this dress! i have done a blogpost about it earlier and i just ordered a copy version of it online :)


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